The ApeksSidemount WSX-25 wing is a most complete harness that offers you multiple features. This system is equipped with a bladder, a built-in back weight system, a crotch strap harness, stainless steel D-rings, elastic straps and a rear cargo bag.




- Buoyancy bladder:

- Thrust of approx. 11 and a half kg (25 pounds).

- MateralArmoguard on the outside.

- An additional layer of Armoguard protects the bladder from possible abrasions in tight spaces.

- The inflation system can be mounted on the left or right side.

- The washers in the lower corners allow the elastic rope to be mounted in a more hydrodynamic position with respect to its body.

The harness

- 5cm solid girth mounted.

- Removable crotch strap made of a 5cm soft material.

- 4 stainless steel 5 cm D-rings (3 angle type and one flat on the crotch strap).

- SideLock D-Slip Rings allow easy adjustment of the cylinders during the dive.

- The rings located in the lower back (lumbar area) are designed to place the accessory bag where you can take your signal buoy, reels or other accessories.

- Heavy-Duty stainless steel waist closure buckle.

- 2-piece stainless steel plate allows torso length to be adjusted to fit any diver.

- Back bag for accessories with zipper; Includes stainless steel locking carabiners.

- The ballast system is mounted on the strap that runs through the spine. It can hold more than 9 kg of weight.

- Comes complete with 2 measures elastic ropes and 5 stainless steel carabiners.

- It has eyelets that allow the diver to adjust the ballast bag and the air bladder according to their specific requirements.


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